Self Worth: Let’s Talk About It

Going into LifePlan, I knew there were times in my life when my self-worth was lacking. I knew, in particular, during the season in my  career, it was something that impacted me. (Leadership is a lot of good things, but it can also be tough and isolating!)  But, I had no clue that it was the single biggest reason discontent was ever present in my life.

I have to say, part of me didn’t want to admit it. I’m independent, accomplished and middle-aged, after all.  Isn’t self-worth something that only has to be addressed at those awkward times in life (middle school, for example!)?  Am I immature because I have self-worth issues?  How are other people so confident in who they are….or are they really?  Why don’t we talk about this as adults? How much is it holding us back?

The truth is, it’s a real issue.  LifePlan allowed me to address this, head on, while also in a manner that was filled with grace and a non-judgmental approach.

The truth is, I didn’t struggle with it because I was immature. I struggled because I have a root system.  I struggled because of my past, not because of my present.

One of the most profound statements that Joel said to me during LifePlan: “You are okay, even fantastic, just as you are.”  And he said it in such a matter of fact way, in a way that showed me he believed that with every ounce of who he was. And, I believed it, too.

Do you struggle with self worth?  Do you struggle with self confidence?  You’re not alone.  I would venture to say the majority of people do, even that outspoken, charismatic person in your life.  The real question is why.  That, you learn in LifePlan as you navigate your root system.  There’s a reason, and it likely has a ball and chain attached to you.  And, if you can sever that chain, life will be more amazing that it has ever been.


About Annie Palmer

Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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