Daily Lessons: Belief is Not Enough

Belief is necessary and powerful, but it’s not enough.

I think there’s great benefit in learning about life through the daily activities you choose to take part in.  I am one week into fully implementing my LifePlan. Part of that is exercising six days a week to start my day.  The minimum I wanted to run is forty minutes, about four miles for me.  Today, forty minutes came and I wasn’t done running. The run in the early morning humidity and heat of Missouri lasted about 55 minutes.  While that’s no marathon, I was ecstatic that I just didn’t want to stop, mentally or physically.

Prior to LifePlan, I knew I had great potential. I believed I could significantly impact the lives of others. I believed I would be successful beyond the average.  It was just a fact for me.  But, I wasn’t reaching my potential. Because belief wasn’t enough.

Because of the internal struggles I had resulting from my root system, I had a ball and chain on me (that I allowed, but didn’t know how to break free of).  The bulk of that was my desperate need to achieve because that’s where I gained my self worth.  Every mile I didn’t run….Every person I didn’t coach good enough…Every day that I didn’t eat perfectly, felt like I was receiving a blow to my self worth.

Today is different. Post LifePlan is different.  With my self worth intact, my motivation has gone through the roof.  I’m still quite driven, but driven for a different reason, not tied to my self worth.

I believed that I could run more than the 25ish minutes I was allowing myself to run prior to LifePlan.  But, I didn’t do it. Belief wasn’t enough.  What allowed me to run close to an hour today, when my goal was only 40 minutes?  For me, it was because my degree of self worth was not dependent on that run (as it was in the past).  I felt no pressure to succeed…and yet I succeeded beyond my expectations.  That’s a result of LifePlan.

Is your self worth tied to your achievements? Have you gone through LifePlan and felt pressure lifted off of you?


About Annie Palmer

Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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