What I Wanted My Husband to Know

For me, the LifePlan event was a path I had to walk alone, but my husband’s role in it was instrumental. 

Without his support, I would not be where I am today (and this is a pretty amazing spot to be!)

Here are somethings I wanted my husband to know before, during and post LifePlan.

Before LifePlan

1. I was happy with so many aspects of my life, but I wasn’t completely happy. That wasn’t due to any one thing in our present.

2. As independent as I am, I could not find the answers through introspection, in the pages of a book, or on a podcast. I had been doing that for months (no, make that years!) . My knowledge increased during that time, but there was still something missing. I needed to lean on someone that could facilitate that discovery.

3. I knew I was asking our family to make an investment in me. But, the purpose was so that I could be better for myself, for him, for our son and for those I interact with personally and professionally.

4. I believed in the LifePlan process and because I was committed to it, it would be successful.  And, if he didn’t believe that, I needed him to trust me and my belief.

During LifePlan

1. I thought of him often during LifePlan. He is one of the most significant aspects of my life.

2. I was in the midst of a process that was about to change me. It’s an experience I can’t describe fully.

3. I wanted to share, but I also needed time to reflect.

4. I didn’t need answers from him; just someone to listen and allow me to find my answers.

After LifePlan

1. I had emotions I could not explain (at last in the first 36 hours afterwards). The emotions were not negative.  Most of them caused a sense of peace and happiness.  One of them caused sadness, but there was a reason for that in my root system, not in the LifePlan process).

2. I had a level of self-acceptance I never had before.

3. THIS was me, who I was now, right now!

4. I didn’t do this to remedy every small improvement needed in our marriage.  But, there are things I learned that will allow me to give him more grace and work through things in a more mature way.

5. I need time, lots of time to reflect and implement.

6. This changed my life forever.

7. Your support before, during and after this process means the world to me.

The LifePlan event was a path I had to walk alone with my facilitator.  But, at the same time, the before, during and after process is a path my husband and I have walked together as our path is intertwined. And, it is only after writing this post, that I truly recognize that. 


About Annie Palmer

Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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