Growth…in All Domains!

At one point in my career, I was working 70 hours/week.

Why?  I learned that in LifePlan.

The core reason was that I has a high need to succeed.  Why?

1) Succeeding had become part of who I was because I had to work myself out of poverty, in both the financial sense and the emotional sense.  (Being in poverty embeds a unique mindset in people…to be discussed in a later post).

2) My self worth was tied to my level of achievement. It’s how I measured myself. Oh man…did I just say that?!

Post LifePlan has caused a cascade of discoveries. One of them was something I already knew to some  extent, but didn’t live enough.  To live your best life, one has to grow in all areas, not just career.

Of course, I intellectually knew this. I read marriage books with my husband.  I took up running in eighth grade and never stopped.  I took personality surveys to learn how to communicate with family better.  I listened to health and wellness podcast.  Etc.

But, the fact is, that my balance tipped way more towards my career than anything.  (My Twitter profile was an example of this: it only shared who I was as an educator).

In LifePlan, your facilitator will walk you through all five domains: personal, family, vocation, god, and community.  Prior to LifePlan, so much of what I envisioned LifePlan to be was career related. Little did I know there were so many other areas I needed to dive deeper in.

I’ve spent an immense amount of time since LifePlan focusing on things other than career…making exercise more effective, communicating with my husband, contemplating how to effect community more….

I have to admit, there’s a tinge of guilt that I am not spending hours after hours reading professional material as I had done in previous summers.  But, what I learned PostLife Plan is to identify the emotion, talk about it, then grow past it.  July will led to more professional reading, but for now, growth in the other domains take priority.

The thing is, this time I am spending now, focusing on personal, family, god and community, will make me a better educator/coach later.  I’ll be a stronger person. I already am. I was the minute I left LifePlan.

Is your life balanced in these five domains?  Are you ignoring one area that could be impacting your growth in the other areas?


About Annie Palmer

Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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