What Grace Allows

Grace opens up so many doors.

Grace is a huge part of Chris Locurto’s LifePlan process.  During my LifePlan, it was communicated in the very first conversation how grace would be delivered. It was modeled throughout, which opened the door to allowing me to give myself grace.

Grace is the facilitator of LifePlan.

During LifePlan, grace allowed…

1. Openness

2. Conversation

3. Understanding

4. Perspective

5. Progress

6. Truth

After LifePlan, grace allowed…

1. Motivation

2. Drive

3. Growth

4.  Achievement

5. Sense of content

6. Compassion for others

7. Perspective on self and others

8. Better understanding on leadership

9. A free feeling

As a child, I witnessed my grandmother give others grace, despite the extremely hurtful ways she was treated. I wanted to strive for that type of grace as I grew older. I proactively worked on this trait and became better at it.  After LifePlan, though, it’s in my heart and being like it never was before. I am finally extending grace as it is meant to be.

The awesome thing about this….when I extend grace to others, what doors will it open up for them?




About Annie Palmer

Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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