LifePlan Released my Brake Pedal

Life is like riding a bike. 

As I helped my three-year-old ride his bike today, he struggled with understanding how to pedal. He couldn’t figure out how to release the brakes and gain momentum. He was okay with me just pulling him along, but with his brakes engaged, pulling him along was difficult!

“This,” I thought to myself, “was me prior to LifePlan.”

Was I moving forward and okay with my progress?  Sure. I was attempting to balance life as a working mom. I was learning a ton in my new position at work.  I continued to exercise and maintained relationships that mattered.

But, I was stuck. I knew something was holding me back, but like my son trying to understand the brake system, I couldn’t pinpoint what was holding me back. Things in my life were seemingly good. What was “wrong” with me?

Well, nothing was wrong, I just lacked perspective. I lacked an understanding of my root system–those aspects in my childhood and life that ingrained certain beliefs and actions in me….some positive aspects and some things that had limiting implications for my life.

LifePlan revealed this to me so that I was unable to unlock the brakes and move forward.

Are your brakes engaged?   Want to release them and live your best life?

Or, is your life going great and you want to know how to excel even more. Yes, LifePlan is for you, too!

Start by listening to these podcasts: Understanding your Root System  & Is Your Root System Holding You Back?

Then, listen to these:

The LifePlan Episode

Your LifePlan Questions Answered

And, if you want more, check out other related podcasts by Chris and his team here.




About Annie Palmer

Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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