Post LifePlan: I’m Still Flawed, But Now I Have Tools to Overcome

LifePlan gave me the perspective, tools and plan I need to carry out my best life.  But, it doesn’t mean that I will be without struggle.  

Because I am human and I am flawed…there will be times when I…

1. Have to remind myself that my self worth doesn’t come from achievements or other people

2. Respond with emotional immaturity in a heated discussion

3. Don’t respond with enough grace

4. Have to fight off self doubt

5. Am too hard on myself

6. Don’t think I’m achieving enough

7. Struggle with a multitude of things

But, here’s what Lifeplan caused: An ability to catch  myself in these moments and respond with self-knowledge and to calmly ask “why” am I responding this way.  I can pause and ask “What in my root system is causing me to react the way I am?”  What LifePlan gave me was a tool to overcome emotional immaturity (yes, we all have that at times!)  It allows me to identify the roadblock, gain perspective on it and work through it so that it doesn’t hold me and my relationships back.

Was LifePlan transformative? Yes, but there was no wave of a magic wand that suddenly fixed my flaws.  But, it gave me something even better, the tools to overcome them myself. 




About Annie Palmer

Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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