My Lens: My Life Purpose

The lens through which I navigate through life has to be my Life Purpose statement. 

During LifePlan, your facilitator guides you in writing your life purpose statement. There are several charts I’ve reflected back on since LifePlan, but something was pulling me towards the one with my life purpose on it tonight.

Here’s what I said my Life Purpose was: I exist to grow and love my family, and provide stewardship, leadership, contribution, and impact for other people.

Seems powerful on paper, eh?

It’s only powerful, though, if that’s my lens in which I steer my ship.

Here’s what that means for me: At the end of each day, I have to ask myself, did I do these things?  If I did, then I have to let go of any feelings I have that I am not doing enough. Yep, I fought that feeling today! (Remember, LifePlan doesn’t “cure” all struggles. It gives you the tools to overcome them).

Did I grow and love my family today? Yes, quality time was spent with my son. Lessons were taught (with love and logic) and lots of hugs and affection were shown.   I do struggle to find enough quality time with my husband…going to have to work on that.

Did I provide stewardship, leadership, contribution and impact for others?

In some ways, yes.

1. I was a good steward with my health as I exercised and ate (mostly) healthy.

2. I share my LifePlan journey with hopes that it has impact for someone out there!

3. I contributed to the family by taking over the parenting reins as my husband worked on his new business.

4. I put in prep work to prepare for another year of coaching.

In other ways, maybe not.

1. Communication is always the biggest challenge, isn’t it?  I am learning to catch myself in difficult conversations and apply what I learned in LifePlan (and what I learned about communication prior to LifePlan).  I need to continue to build capacity in this area…to be a good steward of my knowledge and ability in this area.

2. Was I a good steward with my ability to give grace? Perhaps?  With both parents working in our family, sometimes, it’s a struggle to balance everything.  I struggle with giving grace and understanding, but also requesting the time I need to get things accomplished. Going to have to work on that.

Did I work towards my Life Purpose today?  Absolutely.

I’m writing this post because I didn’t feel like I gave “enough” today.  Battling that need for achievement still hasn’t gone away yet!  Imagine that, I’m human. 🙂

When I look at the day through my Life Purpose lens, though, I know it was a day well lived. 


About Annie Palmer

Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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