LifePlan: The Ripple Effect

LifePlan-  The Ripple Effect

The LifePlan ripple effect continues to amaze me. 

What’s the ripple effect, you ask?

Let me begin here…

In LifePlan, we charted the things that both accelerate my progress and slow it down.  Health was top on my list for things that slowed me down.  I have battled IBS since I was 20. There was a time, when it literally impeded my daily life, resulting in tears and frustrations as it affected my ability to do my job. It no longer controls me as I have a handle on it now.  However, during times that I don’t have discipline to eat a high-fiber, clean diet with lots of water or I don’t exercise, every other aspect of my life is affected because IBS attacks me. We didn’t discuss all this in LifePlan, but it was easy for me to throw out “health” when asked what slows me down.

After LifePlan, that was the easiest thing to take on. Being an athlete means being physical is something I love. Implementing an early morning exercise routine was simple and has finally refueled me as is is the very first thing I do and I listen to life and leadership podcasts as I do it (another thing that refuels me).  Just this, in itself, has made a big impact on me.

This totally makes sense and I could have predicted the positive results of this.

Here’s what I didn’t know LifePlan would do.  Here’s the ripple effect.  Something happens on those early mornings when my shoes hit the pavement. Something happens as I listen to people like Chris Locurto, Matt Ham, Michael Hyatt and Dan Miller.  Through listening to these guys, I learn about myself and others.  And, I learn about life. Through it all, I see my path…maybe not way down the road, but I see very clearly what I need to do each day and each week to be a good steward with my talents and blessings.  I see more clearly how to implement my LifePlan.  I’m beginning to “listen” to my life and gain perspective that motivates me more than I can say.

My #1 activity I have to do to accelerate myself IS about health. But, I didn’t know the refueling that would happen at that time would impact me the way it has.  I didn’t know I would “hear” so many truths during that time…truths that sometimes come from the podcast host and some that come from somewhere else, in the depths of my soul, maybe?

I didn’t know this ripple effect would happen—by taking on something as straightforward as “health” would allow me the time to “pause” and listen to my life.

The ripple effect this one activity has allows me to more effectively implement my LifePlan




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