Identity After LifePlan

Identity After LifePaln

Identity is an interesting sort of thing.  Do we think about it enough?  Do we think about it too much? Or do we think of it in the wrong way?

Prior to LifePlan, I had ton of thoughts and frustration in my head, so much so that I spewed out about 17 pages of frustration, thoughts and revelations I had.  Much of that, had to do with my work life identity.  And certainly, in my head, that’s where my thoughts were. You see, I had this silly little need to be the leader I was aspiring to immediately.  I had a growth mindset, but yet I couldn’t shake the frustration that I wasn’t “there” yet.  My psuedo identity suffered.

Why do I say pseudo identity?  Because that wasn’t my identity, I just unconsciously put all my ducks there. I was and needed to be more than just my career.  I know this because I was struggling in my marriage.  My intensity of exercise decreased.  I was just lacking in so many areas.  But, my thoughts focused on the leader I wasn’t yet. I thought that was my biggest issue.

I loved that LifePlan walks you through five domains (personal, family, god, vocation and community).  Because my thoughts were heavy into career, but in the back of my mind, it was gnawing at me that I felt “deficit” as a mother, wife and athlete. LifePlan allowed me to refocus and become “whole again.”

I’ve listened to Matt Ham’s podcast, Whole Life Matters, Episode 1 three times now.   (Yes, folks, it’s that good).

In this podcast, Matt talks about his focus on “whole life” in his work. He felt like he came to this after getting his identity from the  work  on his book, Redefine Rich.

I freakin’ love his honesty. Here’s why: honesty and truth in one person, somehow allows the same to be released in another. I heard that and without pause I said to myself “me, too!”  For so long, I got my identity through work, through achievement.  (There’s reasons for that in my root system, including a challenging childhood).   LifePlan opened up the doors again for me to focus on all aspects of my life.

I’ve stated before, that after LifePlan, it’s up to me to “make something of it.”  This is why I’m so glad I’ve discovered Matt’s podcast.  It’s exactly what I need at this point as I maintain my “wholeness.”  And, that’s awesome, because let me tell you, it’s a great feeling!

Where do you get your identity from?  Are you being honest with yourself about that?  Where are your thoughts, energies and time spent the most?  Is that where they should be spent?


About Annie Palmer

Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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  1. Annie, I love watching this journey you’re on! Prayers for the road ahead.

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    • Thanks for the prayers, Matt! Honestly, it’s a journey I’m just happy to be blessed with. And, just as awesome, it’s a journey that’s not just about me. It’s about others. I have much gratitude for the role you’ve played in it and will continue to.

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  2. Great post, and really interesting thoughts. I think it’s easy to identify yourself by what you do. This is an interesting question you’ve asked. Thanks for the recommendation…I will be listening to the podcast today 🙂


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