“Embrace the And”

“We aren’t pushing the envelope of “and” in our life.”

These words were said by Matt Ham in his podcast, “Three Steps to Embrace Your Passions.”  Once again, his words spoke to me and I found myself saying “That was me!”

If you don’t know Matt, you should know that he is an insurance agent and has been for several years.  But, his journey in life led him to writing a book, Redefine Rich.  Matt explains that he struggled to pick who he was in life…an insurance agent? A writer? A speaker?  Etc?

That’s when he said this:


He went on to talk about the pressure we put on ourselves to choose the right path, to choose wisely…so much so that we wedge ourselves into being one dimensional…there’s a multi-dimensional existence we can embrace…

This spoke to me because this is what LifePlan opened up for me. Prior to LifePlan, I was hyper-focused on one aspect of my life, my career in education–both as a teacher and an instructional coach. I don’t remember the last time I only worked 40 hours.  At one point, I was putting in 60-70 hours a week.  I had been one dimensional for so long, putting in hours after hours into trying to be this person in my career I aspired to be.  My root system caused that in me. (You learn that in LifePlan).

“Our world forces us into the “or mentality,”  Matt said. That you have to do this OR that.   Our culture tell us that we have to find “our one singular path” and become a certain type of person, to find the one career path that suits us.

Does this work for some people?  Sure it does and that’s okay.

But, what if we’re all not built like that? Let’s embrace that.

I have much gratitude that LifePlan has facilitated so much in my life, one of which is my passion for helping others, spreading messages and ideas that touch us, and has allowed me to re-engage with my inner writer.

Because, as Matt said:

“We aren’t pushing the envelope of “and” in our life.” 

I wasn’t doing that prior to LifePlan.  And, I wasn’t meeting my potential. I wasn’t being a good steward with all that I have been blessed with.

Now, that I am…I feel so free!

So now, I am not just an instructional coach.  I am a writer…with a message to spread that hopefully touches the lives of others.

Do you need to have an “and” in your life?  What talents and gifts do you have to offer that you hold back because all your energies are poured into the “or mentality.”  




About Annie Palmer

Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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  1. Another great post 🙂 This one in particular resonated with me.


    • If you want to expand on that, I’d be curious how it resonated with you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Certainly! I think in America, and likely other countries as well, too much focus has been put on going to high school, then undergrad, then maybe grad school, and then getting a career. That is the one-dimensional plan that is drilled into our brains. “Are you going to college?” isn’t even a question for most anymore (I realize as I’m writing this that I’m speaking about New York and not the US in general…). The question is, “where are you going to college?” And I think that’s good, because education and careers are important, but there are so many other important things that have been pushed to the back burner: personal development, creating a happy and healthy family, finding fulfillment in a job, finding or creating happiness…no one teaches you those things, which is also fine, but I feel like they aren’t given enough attention because there’s SO much focus on career-building and acquiring money.


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