To Coach, You Need to be Coached


To coach as effectively as we can, we must live in the shoes of those we coach.

In the post previous to this one (Coaches and Principals: Are You Coached), we explored how the process of me being coached through Chris LoCurto’s LifePlan process, will make be a better coach to others. We focused on the concept of grace, and how knowing that everyone has a root system, will allow me to extend grace like I never have  before.

This time, we’ll focus on the concept of vulnerability.

Every time I sit down with a teacher, I greatly appreciate their willingness to do so because I know there’s a degree of vulnerability they’re exposing to me.  We may have to explore a lack of knowledge on an instructional strategy, a lack of perspective on the situation, a frustration with a student because they cannot figure how to help them, etc.  It could be a multitude of things.  This vulnerability can be hard.  As coaches we can say we understand that, but to truly get it, we have to live it.

When I went through my LifePlan process, I had to be vulnerable.  Truth be told, I really cared about the opinion of Joel, my facilitator.  I wanted him to see my strengths and accomplishments and a part of me didn’t like that I had to expose my innermost struggles.    I did share my successes in life, but I had to share more. I had to admit mis-steps I had taken in my life.  I shared the times of shame, frustration and even times of immaturity.  I had to, because without that, we would not have been able to capitalize on the learning.

I appreciate this experience for its personal impact on me, but also because I lived in the shoes of those I coach.  Though teachers don’t expose their inner most lives with me, they do expose something they are very passionate about, teaching kids.  Every teacher has a heart for that and reaching for a helping hand, a listening ear and someone to help them reflect, can be hard.

Principals – this applies to you, too, because if you’re an effective principal, you also coach.

Coaches and principals, have you been coached?  If not, reach out to someone and seek out this experience.  It will benefit you and make you a better coach.

And, if you really want to take part in a coaching experience that will transform your life, check out LifePlan.

Walk in the shoes of those you coach. 


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Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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  1. I love this. Every who teaches or preaches should be a student more often, at least so that they can teach from a pool of knowledge rather than just their own.


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