Why Chris LoCurto?

Why Chris LoCurto

“Why not get a coach in the area?  Do you really need to travel to Franklin, TN?” 

I had to answer this question for myself and for others when contemplating LifePlan.

Surely, there was an experienced and effective life coach in Kansas City, right?

Sure, there was. So, why’d I take the leap?  Why choose to travel nine hours to do a two-day event with Chris LoCurto’s company?

For me, there was a history there. I had followed Chris’s work on Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership podcast. When he left and started his own business, it was with no hesitation that I continued following his journey and listening to his new podcast.

The podcast made a difference in my life.  He was, in a way, my virtual mentor, my refueling, my encouragement to become the person I was aiming to become.

And, I knew Chris believed in what he did as he spoke with such conviction, such passion and such truth. I just believed.

I reached out and inquired information on their site and had a conversation with Joel, who would later facilitate my LifePlan. In that first conversation with Joel, he picked up my DISC personality style (high S) quickly.  (Check out this podcast on the DISC. It’s powerful!) Joel was able to communicate with me in a way that was effective.  I tend to shut down a bit with the high D personality profile and need a calm, steady and reflective conversation when I’m contemplating personal growth. Joel provided this in the conversation prior to LifePlan and during LifePlan.  How these guys pick up your personality profile quickly is not something you’ll get from every coach.

For me, another biggie was Chris had experience. I wanted someone who was good….no, I want someone that was freakin’ incredible at coaching.  I was, after all, making a big investment in many ways. There’s no settling for me on this topic.

And the third biggie, was the conversation prior to LifePlan. In one conversation, Joel not only helped me through a career struggle in a short sixty minutes, but also modeled for me how he would conduct himself during LifePlan….and that’s with grace, patience, and perspective….while knowing when to push and when to not. I guarantee you, a random coach in KC would not have done that for me.

If I could give you any advice, I would just say fill out the form on Chris’s website and just have that initial conversation with them.  Then decide, as that conversation is so telling.

And, just know, they change lives.  Everyday, these guys change lives.



About Annie Palmer

Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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