Your Best Life: Gratitude


Part of the beauty of children is what they teach us. 

I received a text from my husband this morning with a picture of construction equipment.  He explained how enthralled our three-year-old was and how he could have watched all day.  In the next text, he admitted he soaked in the moment as well and had “fun” himself.

Children see the “small” moments in life and simply rejoice in them.

Can we, as adults, do the same thing?

As I think about living my best life, there’s all kinds of things I want to do, all kinds of people I want to impact.  I’m on a journey that has ups and downs and lessons along the way.  But, what happens when I get too focused on that journey is this: I miss the small stuff.  Those moments that are oftentimes so quick that we just skim over. And when I do that, I have less gratitude.   As Matt Ham has said before:

“It’s not the circumstances which drive our gratitude; it’s our gratitude which in turn drive the circumstances.”

Are you discouraged by where you’re at?  Are you not discouraged, but simply wish you were farther along?  Are you just stressed?  Do you feel stuck?  Choose gratitude then circumstances will improve.  You’ll bask in the simple moments and have a much healthier perspective of the big picture.

What small moment will you rejoice in today? 


About Annie Palmer

Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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