LifePlan: The Deeper Why

LifePlan- The Deeper Why

Why make the LifePlan investment?  I had to answer this.  

I have said it was because I was discontent, despite a seemingly “successful” life.  That was true.

But, the “why” was much deeper than that.  Honestly, I think I’m still discovering the why.

I can also say it was because I wasn’t living my best life and I honestly didn’t know what the roadblock was.   That was true.

It was about me.  But it was also about so much more than me.  It was about my three-year-old son.  As most parents do, I feel the weight of responsibility to raise a son who is happy and adds value to the lives of others.  I have no doubt my husband and I will have conversations with him about this.

However, I am reminded about how my high school softball coach wrote about me in my academic and athletic recommendation letters for college.  “Annie leads by example.”

I’ve thought about this off and on through the years.  We live in a society that celebrates the extroverted leader.  Don’t get me wrong, we need those extroverted leaders, but I think there’s much to be said about the person who is quietly and courageously leading their life in a way that is am example of how we all should.

Parenting is the same.  We can have conversation after conversation with our son about how to live his “best life.”  But the message he will hear more is the message in our actions.

This is one reason why I needed to do LifePlan.   My son needed to know that I’m not afraid to confront my limitations and have the courage to move beyond them.  There’s no reason to hide behind them because that’s not living my best life.

What are your actions communicating to your children?  Are your actions speaking louder than your words?



About Annie Palmer

Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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