Why Not Run in the Rain?


It was the last run of my summer before I returned to work as an instructional coach.   

It was early morning, the perfect time to turn on the podcast, hit the road and just “listen” to what my life was telling me in my pursuit of truth.

I put on my headset, turned on the podcast and said “a few sprinkles of rain” aren’t going to stop me.

About a mile and a half in, it was pouring.

No biggie. I could just run back to the car and finish exercise on the treadmill at home.

I arrived at the car, rain running down my face, clothes wet and started the car.

Then, something caused me to pause.

Why not run in the rain? 

Think of the advantages.  Sure, I couldn’t listen to my podcast, but I could feel the rain running down me (something we all love to do as kids) and finish my run.

So, I did. And I “heard” two things as a result of embracing that moment.

1) Why do we let “rain” stop us in life?  Sure, it was annoying to have my clothes sticking to me.  I couldn’t listen to my podcast. My run was interrupted. A bug even flew up my nose. But, there was great joy in the moment because I wasn’t going to let a curve ball thrown at me disrupt my plans. I ask again, why do we do that in life?  Let’s not let stress stop us.  Or doubt. Or fear. Or hard work. Or disappointment.  Instead, know what you value.  Know the investment and what it’s worth.  And embrace the struggles.  Who knows, you might even enjoy overcoming them.

2) I rarely stop to walk when I run.  I’m there to run, to push myself.  But, I felt compelled to walk in the rain towards the end of my run.  What I “heard” was “slow down and listen.”  So, I did.  You see this summer, I think, will be one of the biggest turning points in my life (the reasons outlined on this blog).  I was overcome with gratitude that an opportunity to recognize my root system and it’s impact on me presented itself to me this summer.  I was thankful I was drawn to that place in Franklin, TN.  Thankful for my facilitator, for the brief moment in time when he played a significant part of my life.  Not only that, but the revelations and people who “showed up” in my life after that; people with a message that would facilitate my journey further. And finally, thankful for my focus on the truth.  Life is filled with precious moments, moments that bring us richness so that we can then bring richness to others.  I walked in the rain and just felt the gratitude.

So, why not run in the rain, literally and figuratively.  Embrace is for all it holds. 

And, when life tells you to pause and listen, do so.




About Annie Palmer

Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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