Defining Leadership

Defining Leadership- -Lead Me- (1)

“Lead Me.”

The power of learning how to lead oneself is powerful beyond measure.

As a part of Chris LoCurto’s LifePlan process, you look at your root system.  This a journey back in time where you examine those factors in your life, particularly in your childhood, that has led to who you are today. It’s impact on your perspective is immense and allows you to continuously dig deep into the “why’s” of your life.

As I navigate the waters of leadership, I am defining what leadership means to me. I’ve learned it is vital to explore one’s own definition of leadership, because the only leader I could possibly be successful at is the one that uses my unique talents and gifts. Leadership  cannot always be defined by a pre-determined list of qualities. Take a listen to Marcus Buckingham refer to this in an EntreLeadership podcast.

I found myself looking into my root system to understand the type of leaders that lies at the heart of who I am.

My childhood lacked a consistent strong role model in regard to growth and improvement.  I was raised in poverty. With an absentee father whose main committment was to drugs,  and a home life that had dysfunction, I was left to find my own resources for navigating life. I sought those out in the forms of books and mentors and they did indeed play a key role in my life.  At the end of the day, though, I was left to the thoughts in my own head to be able to break the chains of poverty–both the financial chains and the mindset shackles.

Ultimately, I had to lead myself to break free of those chains.

As an impressionable teenager, I had to…

Recognize when my actions didn’t line up with my professed values.

Seek out knowledge on psychology, sociology and emotional intelligence.

Be courageous as I took on navigating life on my own.

See the mindset that was facilitated in me and recognize I had the power to change that.

Dismiss the lies in my home that attacked my character and self-esteem.

Push away the thoughts that my circumstances defined me.

If we pinpointed the one thing that allowed me to mature past the mindset in my root system, it would be the fact that I led myself.

Fast forward to today. Can I now use this mindset of leading myself to become a better leader?  Absolutely! It’s my strength. It’s second nature to me because I’ve had years of life experiences in leading myself.

Now, I will say that all leaders should be leading themselves.  I’m not unique in that.  I’m just unique in that my root system, and the necessity that I lead myself to overcome it, positioned me to have this be one of my greatest advantages as a leader.

I an not at all saying leaders should only look within themselves when leading others.  However, if a leader can truthfully face their root system, digging through all the positives and negatives of that, and become a better version of themselves…I guarantee you, their tribe will respect, trust and follow them with no hesitation. And, they will position themselves to be the authentic leader that can make a difference in the lives of others.

So, for me, leadership defined, begins with “someone who can lead themselves.”







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Wife. Mother. Learner. Coach. Becoming better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today.

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