Are You Still Broken?


LifePlan and Brokenness (1)

“You always put a positive spin on a situation. Why do you do that?” 

Joel, my LifePlan facilitator posed that question to me. That question caught me off guard a little bit.

“Umm…I responded.  It’s just who I am.  I don’t dwell on the negative aspects of life.  I feel like I can see through the challenges for the beauty that’s in them.”

In my head, I was contemplating, “Isn’t that a good thing?”

Admittedly, I was a bit perplexed by his question and honestly, I’m still exploring that question. Positivity is a trait that family, friends and colleague have described me by.  My pride in that probably comes into play.

Fast forward to today, as I am reading Matt Ham’s book, Redefine Rich: A New Perspective on The Good Life. Matt digs into four principles that are represented by the letters in rich.  The first one is Recognize Your Broken.

This particular principle causes me to pause.  Even after reading the chapter about brokenness, something is whispering to me to “keep exploring” this principle.  What does it mean for me?  Why am I caught up on it?

Here’s a peek inside the book and Matt’s thoughts on brokenness.

“This process of understanding brokenness is necessary to obtain the outcome of living richly. In fact, I think we need to work on being broken as a way to grow….Here’s the tension.  The world says, You aren’t broken; you’re fine.  It’s just a phase.”

Here’s what I do know, I pursued and experienced my LifePlan experience with Joel because I was broken. That has been truth that I’ve known for months now and is outlined on my blog here.  It makes sense that I was broken prior to LifePlan, particularly if you look into my root system. That was a past that included an absentee father addicted to drugs.  It included verbal abuse where I was consistently told that I was selfish for pursuing goals and constant attacks behind closed doors and in public on my character.  I had mentors, but I lacked a consistent guide in life.  Thus, I navigated life internally and did the best I could, but it did leave me with misplaced self worth.

Thus, my decision to pursue LifePlan and my life altering discoveries during and afterward.  It was so powerful.

But, what about now?  Am I still broken? After all the discoveries?  Even though I have appropriate placed self worth? Even though my level of content is far beyond what it was a year ago?

There’s a small whisper in me that says a gentle “yes….”

I’m also hearing…

“Here’s the tension.  The world says, You aren’t broken; you’re fine.  It’s just a phase.”  

“You always put a positive spin on a situation. Why do you do that?”  

So, what is still broken?  Is brokenness a big ginormous elephant in the room that can’t be ignored or can be a small aspect of your life that is broken that prevents complete richness?  If so, what is that for me?  Does it lie in a choice I’ve made?  Am I living life on my terms, not society’s?  Am I truly pursuing my passion?  Is there a lie I’m still telling myself?

What I do know about brokenness is this.  It’s a pursuit, one that I might have thought ended with LifePlan, but perhaps it never ends.  Life is challenging and there’s likely always going to be lies that we hear and believe.  Maybe the pursuit of overcoming brokeness is always there?

My first inclination is to deny that.  I find little value in getting caught up in obstacles in life. But, that’s not what I’d be doing, is it?  I would simply be defining the broken aspect and overcoming.

Are you broken? Do you understand that brokenness?  Who can you seek out to help you navigate that?





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