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LifePlan Implementation: Truths, Habits and Actions

LifePlan Implementation- Truths, Habits

I knew the question was coming.

In my first conversation with Joel, my LifePlan facilitator, I had asked if they follow up with LifePlan attendees to see implementation of their LifePlan.

After I left LifePlan, I quickly started this blog and my put my ideas down for a more specific implementation plan.  I did this because I knew the success of LifePlan was mostly dependent on me.

And, I knew the question was also coming from a new acquaintance, another LifePlan attendee I had connected with online.

“Do you feel like you’ve stayed on track  with your LifePlan?”  

Easy question, right? I don’t think it is. It requires revisiting the process, those two days of intense conversation digging into your root system and coming to revelations that you had no idea existed.

As I consider my implementation of LifePlan, I can categorize it two ways:

1) Truths I Discovered in LifePlan

2) Habits & Actions Afterwards

Let us first explore some truths I discovered in LifePlan to see if they still ring true today, four months post LifePlan.

There were many truths that I unveiled during LifePlan, one of which was the source of self-worth. Truth be told, I was struggling a lot those two years prior to my LifePlan in June of 2015 (outlined on my Before LifePlan page). I had transitioned into mid-level leadership and was quite hard on myself when it came to my success in this position.  Though I was learning a ton, it was a position that is tricky to navigate through. (See John Maxwell’s book, The 360 Degree Leader for a clearer understanding of the complexities of mid-level leadership).  I had an idea of where I wanted to be as a leader and in my career and I wasn’t there yet.

The truth I learned in LifePlan: one’s self worth comes from a higher source.

For some, that is a god.  Whether one is spiritual or not, this resonated on a deep level with me.  I realized my degree of self worth was tied to my achievement, and my inaccurate perception of my accomplishments. My self doubt, negative, self-talk and sense of failure was increasing because I got my self worth from achievement.

It’s been enlightening to see how this truth, as well as others I learned in LifePlan, have become a permanent part of who I am.  I travel between two elementary schools as a part of my job.  I was making my way to my car on a quiet and gorgeous fall day and I “heard” something:

It was that truth: “My self worth is not dependent on my success or lack thereof in my job.  My worth comes from something higher, and that worth is permanent and unchanging.”

This was incredibly helpful as I navigated through some major work challenges over the last two and a half months.  It was freeing.  It was just the truth.  And, it allowed me to move forward through those challenges in a more healthy and productive manner.

In regard to the “truths” I learned in the LifePlan process, the implementation has been successful.  Because there really is no denying them once they are internalized.  They give me peace and an enormous degree of gratitude for what they offer me.

The truths I discovered in LifePlan are the lens through which I view my life.

There were many truths that bubbled to the surface during LifePlan, as well as after. Here are some  others that I still implement and let guide me on a daily basis.

  1. We all have a root system and we need to show ourselves and others grace.
  2. Achievement is partly defined for me as being a good steward with all that I’ve been blessed with so that I can serve a higher purpose.
  3. Achievement is living a life that matters to me, one that represents my core values.
  4. Your whole life matters (as author and speaker Matt Ham says), not just your career.

Now, do I have moments where I have to remind myself of these truths?  Sure, but here’s what I love. I honestly hear these truths “whispering” themselves to me fairly quickly when I’m struggling.

 I don’t get stuck in the struggle. 

The impact these truths have had on my life are immeasurable.  And, the beauty in truth, is that I personally cannot refute them and thus they become a permanent part of who I am.

In my next post, we’ll explore the second category: Actions and Habits to see if I have successfully implemented those post LifePlan.






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