So, what is this site and what is LifePlan?  LifePlan was an event I took part in with Chris Locurto’s company, based in Franklin, TN.  Chris and his team conduct business and life coaching.  I took part in the two-day LifePlan event during the summer of 2015.  Its impact on my life is immeasurable. This site is simply me sharing that journey, the before, during and after. In addition, it’s a place to get resources and ideas about the carry through of LifePlan.  In time, perhaps it’s even a community of people who have been blessed with this experience.   It is my hope that through sharing my experience, others will undergo their own reflections and even consider doing LifePlan with Chris’s company.  It truly is life changing.

Not sure if LifePlan is for you?  Not sure if you’re ready to take on the journey? Do this first: 

1. Get more info from Chris’s website.

2. Fill out this form on Chris’s website to have someone contact you.

3. Listen to some of Chris’s podcasts, including the ones on Root System and the LifePlan Journey: Before & After. Getting them off my Pocket Casts app works great for me!

4. Get in contact with someone who has gone through LifePlan.  I highly recommend you do this. You could ask Chris’s team for a recommendation of who to contact.  You can also contact me at palmeram23@gmail.com.



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