Before LifePlan

Why LifePlan

What my life was like on “paper”: 

1. I was married to a person of integrity and character.

2. We had a three-year-old son who brought us great joy.

3. I was one year into a new job in a school district that was among the top-ranked in the state.

4. I was hired a year previous in a position that I had been aspiring to (instructional coaching).

5. My family and I were healthy.

6. Thanks to Dave Ramsey’s financial approach, we were completely debt free, including no mortgage.

7. I had supportive and loving in-laws we lived close to.

What my life was like on the “inside” of me. 

1. Discontent

2. Daily tense feeling

3. Short with my family

4. Unexplainable feeling of disappointment

5. Stuck

What this meant:

I’m extremely introspective, but I couldn’t figure out why I had so many negative feelings holding me back despite my seemingly accomplished life and many blessings.  I’ve read self-help books and content since I was in high school.  At the age of 17, I took an independent study class and asked if I could write a research paper on emotional intelligence. As an adult,  I was an avid reader and podcast listener, filling my head up with positive content almost daily.  But, the negative feelings remained. I didn’t feel like I was finding my answers within myself, within the pages of a book, or in the content of any podcast.  What I did know was the conviction, passion and message put forth by Chris Locurto’s podcast as he explained LifePlan.  Maybe, just maybe, I thought, that could be my answer.  But, was this REALLY for me?  Was I REALLY in a place where I could do something like that?  Was I accomplished enough to take on such an event?  Was I arrogant to think that I could spend money on something like this? So many questions ran through my head.


A Conversation with Joel

Truth be told, I first filled out the form on Chris Locurto’s website to request information about LifePlan for my husband.  He was about to transition out of education and into starting his own business.  I felt like this transition period would be a great time for him to do some self-reflection.  Little did I know that I would be the one who ended up doing LifePlan.

As is typically the case, Joel contacted me to give me further information about LifePlan.  That conversation and a few more after that, was a huge determining factor in me going through with LifePlan.  I had only “experienced” Chris’s thoughts on life prior to this. Joel, brought the same amount of passion for people in a way that allowed me to believe a little more. His sense of calmness, inquiry, quiet strength, and most importantly the grace I felt as I listened to him…along with a simple, yet non-pushy explanation of LifePlan…spoke to me in a way I couldn’t shake.  Little did I know, I wouldn’t be able to turn away from LifePlan after that.  During my second conversation with Joel, he helped me discover and question the why behind some professional struggles.  He led me to some very powerful reflections that I hadn’t been able to work through.  I hung up and thought, how does one person make that sort of impact in 60 minutes?


A hurdle

At this point, the only hurdle in my way was my financially conservative nature.  There was a reason we were able to pay off $76,000 of debt in four years!  But, that also meant I rarely spent money and certainly never really spent a large amount on myself.  (I felt guilty buying a $20 shirt for myself).  The question at this point was NOT “Did I want to do LifePlan?” The question was “Do I ask my family to make that financial sacrifice?” I’m also an avid listener of Dan Miller and Michael Hyatt, who both talk about investing in yourself and the lasting impacts that could make. I had invested in myself, through books.  Lots of books through the years.  But, never had I considered spending the amount of money LifePlan cost.  I kept telling myself what Dan Miller says, money spent like this is an investment, not a sacrifice.  Intellectually, I agreed.  But, man did I feel selfish. What convinced me to go through with it?  One, my husband’s “go ahead.”  Two, the fact that I hadn’t ever gone being discontent for so long.  I knew I wasn’t going to move past this on my own.  And, three, the conversations with Joel.



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