Post LifePlan

Post LifePlan…how does one describe that?

I would start with this: When I was 20, I mentored a troubled middle school girl. We had to undergo training in the mentoring program.  As a part of this training, we had to state our life goal.  Mine was something to this effect: My life goal is to one day become my authentic self, and feel what that’s like, because I know it has got to feel so free, like an eagle soaring through the air.”

Little did I know, this whole time, I was my authentic self, I just didn’t have the self-worth to know that that was enough…that I was at this very moment, and since I was born,  enough. In fact, it’s more than enough.  My self worth, my authentic self was not something I had to strive for. It wasn’t something that I had to reach, a goal to mark off my list of life accomplishments.  It was there….the…whole…time.  What I was right about…it is freeing like nothing I have ever experienced.

The level of peace and comfort I have now is freeing. Complete self acceptance.

And grace….for myself, for my family and for others. I’ve always wanted to be a person who extended grace and felt like I did to some degree.  But, now I get it like I never have before.  Because every single person has a root system and that affects every single person in ways they cannot imagine (unless, perhaps, if  they have gone through LifePlan!)

And stewardship is not just an intellectual concept to me. It’s in my heart more than it ever was. Because honestly, I’m doing it for a much bigger reason now. This is something that I know I am about to do a ton of reflection on.

I know my heart more completely. I reaffirmed my talents, I know what slows me down and what speeds me up in life and I have a plan that is leading to an even better plan that I have so much motivation to get started on.

Gratitude, I get pretty emotional with this one. How does one thank someone for this? I have no idea.  The only way I know how to do that is to: one, live out my LifePlan.  Two, spread the message and encourage others to take part in this life-changing event.   And, folks, it’s one you won’t find in the pages of the book, the content in a podcast or through self reflection.  It happens in LifePlan, the process and the conversation with a business that has people who are passionate for others, extend grace like I have never ever seen before and pour themselves into others because they care.  Do LifePlan. It’s impact is immeasurable.


Below you will find continued reflections on the process.  (Yes, the reflections have continued on a daily basis.  And, they’re so powerful.  I’ve only just begun to explain them above). I will also include resources that I am using to help me carryout my LifePlan.  Because LifePlan was powerful, but without follow-through on my part, it’s effect is not nearly as impactful. 


LifePlan Implementation – This is a link to a Google Doc that outlines how I will implement my LifePlan Initiatives. This is something I created after LifePlan. Know that I am refueled by having and reflecting on a detailed plan. This may or may not be your approach and that’s okay!

Specific Revelations from LifePlan




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