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Listen to the Whisper

Listen to the Whisper

Embracing courage seems so simple in the life of a child.

It’s a little second grader asking a new friend to play with her at recess, risking the chance she’ll say no.

It’s jumping off that first little diving board into the arms of a swimming instructor.

It’s putting their arms out to catch that ball just thrown to them.

I am convinced that courage is the key element in a life well-lived.   I’m also convinced that admitting that we’re lacking courage is a profoundly difficult thing for adults to do. Because it’s so easy to just continue our day-to-day lives without any examination of our dreams and the courage it takes to pursue it.

Mid-life, I think, is an interesting time to take on the concept of courage.  Typically, this season of life brings about reflection about what has been accomplished and a contemplation of how to make the most impact on others for the remainder of our life.  To be willing to “jump off that diving board” into the unknown takes a lot of courage, because honestly, there’s a lot at stake.  But, perhaps, there’s even more at stake, if you don’t embrace the courage and jump.

For me, it’s a matter of being being at a point where I’ve found success, but knowing that there’s something more that utilizes my talents in a way that benefits others even more.

I am hearing a whisper about what that is.

I’ve tried to deny it.

I’ve tried to ignore it.

And, I’ve tried to say it wasn’t true.

But, the whisper remains.

Why?  Because it takes courage to respond to a whisper that alters the direction of your life. It’s not what was in “the plan.”  It’s not how I defined success before.  But, it is the truth.

So, my first step in applying courage to this whisper is writing it down. Because then, it becomes real.  For me, writing it down, makes it actionable.

Could I easily go on and continue to find success in my current path?  Of course I could.  That’s just who I am.  Progress will always be a part of my life.

But, I’m not going for progress any more.  I’m going for impact. I’m searching for passion.  I’m looking to be the best me I can be, even if it’s a me I didn’t plan for.

If you hear a whisper, I encourage you to listen. Write it down. Let it blossom.  Because that is a life well lived.


“Embrace the And”

“We aren’t pushing the envelope of “and” in our life.”

These words were said by Matt Ham in his podcast, “Three Steps to Embrace Your Passions.”  Once again, his words spoke to me and I found myself saying “That was me!”

If you don’t know Matt, you should know that he is an insurance agent and has been for several years.  But, his journey in life led him to writing a book, Redefine Rich.  Matt explains that he struggled to pick who he was in life…an insurance agent? A writer? A speaker?  Etc?

That’s when he said this:


He went on to talk about the pressure we put on ourselves to choose the right path, to choose wisely…so much so that we wedge ourselves into being one dimensional…there’s a multi-dimensional existence we can embrace…

This spoke to me because this is what LifePlan opened up for me. Prior to LifePlan, I was hyper-focused on one aspect of my life, my career in education–both as a teacher and an instructional coach. I don’t remember the last time I only worked 40 hours.  At one point, I was putting in 60-70 hours a week.  I had been one dimensional for so long, putting in hours after hours into trying to be this person in my career I aspired to be.  My root system caused that in me. (You learn that in LifePlan).

“Our world forces us into the “or mentality,”  Matt said. That you have to do this OR that.   Our culture tell us that we have to find “our one singular path” and become a certain type of person, to find the one career path that suits us.

Does this work for some people?  Sure it does and that’s okay.

But, what if we’re all not built like that? Let’s embrace that.

I have much gratitude that LifePlan has facilitated so much in my life, one of which is my passion for helping others, spreading messages and ideas that touch us, and has allowed me to re-engage with my inner writer.

Because, as Matt said:

“We aren’t pushing the envelope of “and” in our life.” 

I wasn’t doing that prior to LifePlan.  And, I wasn’t meeting my potential. I wasn’t being a good steward with all that I have been blessed with.

Now, that I am…I feel so free!

So now, I am not just an instructional coach.  I am a writer…with a message to spread that hopefully touches the lives of others.

Do you need to have an “and” in your life?  What talents and gifts do you have to offer that you hold back because all your energies are poured into the “or mentality.”  



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